The power of Logo Design

Many people show their ignorance towards Graphic Design. Throughout my studies, I have been asked on numerous occasions – “What is Graphic Design? Do you make posters and that?” My blood boils every time. I always reply, “look around you!”  I point at the bottle of juice they are drinking, the clothes they are wearing, the magazine they are reading, the signage for the shop we are browsing – the list goes on. Everything around us is some way or another graphic design.

Whether or not an individual takes in an interest in Graphic Design, it’s impossible not to be affected by it. A perfect example of this was presented to me at a recent lecture. Opened with a quick and cheerful quiz – small sections of Logo designs appeared on screen and students were asked to identify the company. Although I understand the power of branding, I was shocked to see how quickly other students (illustrators and animators) recognised them – whether it was the flick of a letter, a typeface or colour. To further emphasise the effects of branding, I presented the same images to my girlfriend, who has little knowledge of the subject – with the exact same results.

Here are some examples;

 ɐloɔ-ɐɔoɔ sn,ɹ,sʎoʇ ɯqı ʌɯɥ ƃɹǝqslɹɐɔ

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Currently studying Graphic Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

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