We all enter life with our own unique identities. We are biologically divided into 2 categories, male and female, however this does not have to categorize our gender – This arrives over time. This may be the result of social and environmental interactions and developments, with an ever-growing list of genders. To be honest I don’t know what half of them are, for instance just last week, I overheard someone calling themselves a pansexual. My friend Google had to explain; often referred to as “gender-blind”, pansexual are attracted to all genders, regardless of their sex. That’s just greed.

I am in no way shape or form Homophobic. In my opinion you are born gay or straight, and through time characteristics begin to indicate your gender. These ‘indications’ can arise from a very young age. For example I have a young cousin, still at primary school, who is really feminine. This applies to many things such as his clothes, his choice of toys and his friends. Although I feel it’s wrong to compress ones natural feelings, I do feel that it is the parent’s duty to at least contain them until a decent enough age where they can deal with the pressure of society. Homosexuality may be widely accepted in today’s society; however young children can be nasty, especially in the playground.

On the other hand, these early ‘indications’ can merely be part and parcel of the young child’s curiosity. As a toddler I messed around in my mother’s 6 inch heels, as did my brothers. This is a common occurrence in young children. A great example which represents this perfectly is a series of sculptures by Liz Peden in the area which I grew up. Based upon a series of photographs captured by Oscar Marzaroli in 1963, the installation shows three young boys playing in the street, wearing their mother’s heels.

Gorbals Boys

Gorbals Boys, 1963, Oscar Marzaroli

Gorbals Boys

Gorbals boys, Liz Peden, 2008


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